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Ballroom Dresses

Plus Size Ballroom Dresses

Even plus size women can keep up with trends and look fashionable with the modern styles of clothing. Similarly, curvy dancers can still look as dashing on the dance floor. Not all stores, however, recognize this possibility. There may be all sorts of designs and cuts for skinny ballroom dancers up in a rack when you enter a costume boutique, ... Read More »

Ballroom Competition Dresses

Neophyte ballroom dancers may have apprehensions in buying ballroom competition dresses. For one, a lot of couples would have second thoughts investing in costumes that would probably be left behind to accumulate dust inside the closet. Picking the right clothes may also be a challenging task for beginners. Then again, no dancers out there would surely want to look sloppy ... Read More »

Salsa Ballroom Dresses

Salsa is the result of fusion of traditional music in Cuba and Africa. Latin countries, however, have also put their own twist on the dance. Of all the ballroom dances, salsa is one of the most simple rhythm dances with an 8-beat pattern. Most of the dance movements are reflected in the hips. This being said, ideal salsa ballroom dresses ... Read More »

Ballroom Waltz Dresses

Many fashionistas least expected that even ordinary women can waltz their way up to “best dress” lists of any occasions. This is because, indeed, dancers are not the only ones who can give justice to a remarkable ballroom dress. Even women who know every nook and cranny in the accessorizing and dressing up tricks can well grace their way and ... Read More »

Latin Ballroom Dresses

Ballroom dresses are worn by recreational dancers as well as professional dancers. Unlike going to a club or dancehall with a skirt and merely dancing, there are ballroom dances that require an extensive amount of skill and require certain outfits. Latin ballroom dresses are popular among Latin ballroom halls and clubs where the more famous dances are performed in, such ... Read More »

White Ballroom Dresses

Ballroom dancing is a form of art in performance that is characterized with grace and elegance with a classy and chic appeal that comes from the stunning body lines seen on dancers. Indeed, dance is historically considered as a mellifluous art of grace and body movements both by men and women. With this high regard for dancing, ballroom in particular, ... Read More »

Tango Ballroom Dresses

Tango is known to be one of the most challenging yet most romantic social dance in the history of performing arts. Many social dancers from different era have been hooked to this dance as it does not only serve as a good exercise of rhythm, dexterity and grace – it may also have played a big role in heightening the ... Read More »

Ballroom Dresses

For the woman who loves to dance to the professional dancer, a ballroom dress will make you feel like a million bucks when you are out on the dance floor. These costumes have a lot of flair and need to be worn correctly so you do not lose functionality dancing. There are ballroom dresses for all types of dance styles. ... Read More »