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Evening Dresses

What color is #TheDress


Well.. the dress that broke the Internet…we like them in all colors. It’s a classic. Thanks Warhol!   Read More »

Plus Size Evening Dresses

plus size evening dresses

Images of tall, slender women who appear undoubtedly stunning and pretty from the pages of the magazines have led to the misconception of women that dresses are only made for certain body types. Then again, plus size women today are lucky as many known designers started exerting efforts in broadening their market thus produced plus size dresses. This allows curvy ... Read More »

Evening Dresses with Sleeves

Normal occasions give women an opportunity to dress up and look their best. For most women who are not so hands-on when it comes to choosing their dress and accessorizing, these events may come off as a challenge (or burden, even). Women who are too conscious of their body or those with apprehensions in showing skin even while wearing formal ... Read More »

Strapless Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are one of the more formal styles of dresses to wear to occasions. Occasions with this type of dress code generally are at expensive banquets or at balls. These are the times when a woman rarely gets to dress up and feel beautiful with the attention she will receive. A great type of dress to wear to an ... Read More »

Evening Dresses

For occasions that require a higher dress code than cocktail parties or dinner parties, you may need to wear an evening dress. Evening gowns and dresses are for very formal events such as balls and events in banquets. These dresses are worn with style, elegance, and sophistication and for most people, are not a common social event. There are many ... Read More »