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Wedding Dresses for 2014

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12 Types of Wedding Dresses to Consider A wedding is one day that a woman will never forget and the one day she will have everyone’s attention looking beautiful in a wedding dress. A wedding is one of those occasions that you only get once and it is important to look as beautiful as possible especially when choosing a wedding ... Read More »

Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

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What to wear:  Wedding Dresses for Older Brides It is never too late to find the right man to exchange vows with on a very special day. So amidst the world’s seeming craze and teenage mothers, there are still a lot of brides who prefer to be wed at a more mature stage. They are, sometimes, re-married and few simply ... Read More »

One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

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There’s a reason why Goddesses from Greek Mythology are often portrayed wearing one-shouldered dresses. The softness of this design shows off the feminine side of a woman while highlighting her charm and stunning beauty. It is then not surprising that many brides prefer walking down the aisle wearing one-shoulder wedding dresses. Contrary to the common misconception of most women who ... Read More »

Simple Beach Wedding Dresses

simple beach wedding dresses

Simplicity is beauty. The same philosophy applies in choosing the bride’s dress for the wedding, especially when it is about to be held on a memorable scenery framed by pristine beaches. It has to be noted, nonetheless, that despite the simplicity of beach wedding dresses, it is tricky to pick the right piece as these gowns should be deviant from ... Read More »

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

long sleeve wedding dress

Some women want to look trendy at their wedding, and some like to stay classic and wear a timeless style wedding dress. A long sleeve wedding dress is a very classic look and great for a mature woman or someone who wants to keep their wedding classy and sophisticated. As more people are getting their weddings at churches, they like ... Read More »

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

A wedding is a day for a woman to feel beautiful and it is one of the few times in her life that she will have all attention on her. This is why it is important to have the perfect wedding dress for your body. In magazines you see beautiful models in petite dresses but does that mean a plus ... Read More »

Chiffon Wedding Dresses

There can be nothing more romantic that a sight of a lovely bride walking down the rose petal-laden aisle strutting a flowing chiffon dress and leaving the groom in deep awe. The soft appeal of a dress made of chiffon, nonetheless, is not the only reason why this fabric is highly preferred by bride-to-be’s. For one, chiffon wedding dresses are ... Read More »

Vintage Wedding Dresses

The month of June may be culturally considered as the wedding month, but saying I do needs no season or schedule. It is the sincere exchange of vows towards forever that counts, for love of the couple is something that should last for eternity and knows no month or timing. Thus, vintage wedding dresses can be both in fashion and ... Read More »

Lace Wedding Dresses

Gone are the days when wedding gowns studded with different gem stones and crystals reined the aisle. With the comeback of vintage pieces making noise in the fashion industry today, lace wedding dresses are in high demand among trendsetter brides. The only difference is that this time, lace wedding dresses are structured with the most modern cuts and patterns while ... Read More »

Maternity Wedding Dresses

Having a child is one of the most memorable and happiest moments in a woman’s life. Another moment is her wedding day. Both are things that will remain in memories forever and sometimes, women are lucky enough to go through both at the same time. Most women believe that they cannot look sexy and beautiful while pregnant on their wedding ... Read More »