Sequin Cocktail Dresses

There are endless list of reasons as to why chic party goers love to hog the club lights with sequined cocktail dresses. Aside from the power of the bling to grab attention from anyone around the corners of the room, strutting down a trendy glittering dress can revamp a boring night-life fashion, especially when the wearer knows well how to choose the right sequined dress and pair it with accessories.

A sequined cocktail dress is specifically made for adventurous women who are up to exuding sexiness and revealing bits of skin. Thus, you can expect the stores to have a wide array of dress choices with hems that goes few inches above the knee. This being said, cocktail dresses covered (if not designed with sequins) are usually made and tailored for tall, slender women with legs that go for miles.

As much as it is difficult to find a sequined skimpy cocktail dress that can show off the contour of the body without looking too vulgar, it may also be difficult to accessorize a sequined cocktail dress. Given that the pieces are guaranteed to be the center of attention in any party, one shouldn’t go off board in choosing the jewelries. Big, noticeable rhinestone studs can complement the bling of the dress without stealing too much of its spotlight. Big bangles with glitters and bold details may also be paired, as long as the color of these pieces provides contrast to the hue of the dress.

For example, a red sequined dress can be paired with huge blue or silver bracelets for groovy parties or New Year’s Eve. No woman would ever want to resemble the fireworks by wearing too much color and appearing TOO dressed up.

Large rings are also some of the in-style complement to sequined cocktail dresses. Be sure to skip on necklaces, regardless of the dress’ cut as even the simplest neck piece would make the ensemble look a little too much.

Shoes wouldn’t be a problem. Pumps and clogs are usually the top choice of many party-loving women, especially on nights when they want to rouse their inner sex kittens. Teens, however, can look attractive and cute when their dresses are paired with sequined or glitzy flats.

Then again, a sequined ensemble is not suitable for those with faint heart. Only the most gregarious women can carry the dress and let not the dress wear them instead. At the same time, sequined cocktail dresses are not recommended for women who cannot have the patience to take care of the pieces.

Sequined dresses can be very fragile. It is therefore not advisable for the wearers to hang them up. Should you run out of closet space, you may opt to fold them but be sure to fold them sparingly. However, hanging them can be the best way to store the dresses as you can rid of the fold marks that may destroy the alignment of the sequins.