Little Black Dress for Tall Women

There is a reason why the fashion industry seems so obsessed with skinny, tall models – their body types ate perfect and complimentary to any design and cut of clothing pieces including little black dresses. It is therefore not surprising that many women turn the pages of magazine with full admiration and envy to these models. Little did they know that even tall ladies find it hard to shop for the right clothing – a little black dress included.

Lanky-figured women have but one secret – they simply want to fit in. While it seems exciting to have all eyes on you when you walk into a room because of your figure and height, it gets uncomfortable for many tall women most of the time.

Ladies with towering height should find it helpful to know these steps into finding the right little black dress for tall women as they go on shuffling racks from one store to another when shopping:

  • You have curves, embrace it. Tall women, on instinct, would grab lose pieces which they think could make them look a little shoulder. For a lot of fashionistas, nonetheless, this is not the best step to dressing up their body types. Cameron Diaz serves as a perfect embodiment of how tall girls should dress like. Get pieces that could enhance your natural curves. A structured little black dress for tall women would look trendy, even those with boxy shoulders. Emphasize your waits with empire cuts and belted sheaths. This way, the silhouette would look more proportional.
  • Choose the right length. Knowing where the hem of the dress should fall is usually the biggest challenge for tall women. The safest choice would be a bubble dress that appears more like a long shirt. This can well create an appearance of an hour glass body shape while enhancing long legs. Tall women often look great with shorter dresses. Be sure though that the waist is properly emphasized but does not appear to be too revealing. Should you choose to go for longer dresses, make sure that the piece would be long enough. Maxi dresses, for instance, should have hems that skim the ankles or the floor.
  • Show your best features. Little black dress types for tall women are usually designed to show off mile-long legs or curvy back. It is not advisable, however, to show these altogether. The trick in looking your best with a little black dress is to look classy and trendy with low-cut pieces with hems that fall down above the knees. Another choice is a backless dress that comes with conservative necklines and long skirt.
  • Gain confidence with heels. Lanky figured women often second guess their choice of footwear. With their aim to blend in, they usually go for dressy flat shoes especially when they do not want to tower over their dates. Then again, special occasions sometimes call for longer and leaner silhouette – which you might already have but can rather look more stunning with a pair of heels. This footwear may also add a touch of in-style fashion while making you look like a star.