Floral Prom Dresses

Flowers always create a dramatic feel on just about any event, display product, home fixtures and (most especially) on clothes. Prom dresses are never an exception. Undoubtedly, young ladies gracing their way to one of their most unforgettable nights with floral prom dresses can effortlessly look fun, fashionable and flirty.

Unlike monochromatic traditional prom dresses, though, it is often difficult to dress up a floral gown. For one, accessories should not overpower the prints on the dress and should not make the ensemble look too “overdone.” Prints can also either make you look older or younger, depending on how to match them with hairstyles and makeup.

With these tips, however, dressing up with floral prints should never be that hard:

  • Keep a simple “do.” It is never good to show up in an outfit that looks too busy. Rule of thumb in fashion is to emphasize just one area and avoid looking too overdresses. It all starts with the hairstyle. Young ladies with long hair can either wear their locks in long curly waves. Depending on the cut and style of dress, they can also opt to let their straight, silky hair down or tie it in a loose bun. Simple floral gown with watercolor prints may look good with a flower embedded in the hair do, especially with a bloom similar to the print. Ponytails with small flowers always look good with long, pleated floral prom dresses.
  • Wear chandelier earrings. The reason here is simple: chandelier earrings match trendy pieces in many spring collections – floral dresses included.
  • Accessorize with a cuff bracelet. Many fashion experts suggest that you skip wearing a necklace when wearing a floral dress. Instead, a trendy simple metallic cuff bracelet can be worn. One of the favorites is those with mother-of-pearl stones and other gems that usually come with gold plated cuffs. Silver jewelries may also be a choice, but gold matches more floral prom dresses.
  • Strut your way with strappy metallic sandals. Strappy sandals always match the feminine and casual appeal of the dress without stealing the attention in the whole ensemble. Nude colors are usually the best choice for dresses that come with dark and vivid colored prints, while bronze or gold footwear matches pastel and watercolor prints perfectly.
  • Add extra oomph with a solid color Pashmina. The months of April or May are usually the time for proms and also the season where the evenings are chilly. So wearing a cute pashmina over the shoulders would serve two purposes – enhance the design of the floral dress while providing enough warmth and coverage (so you no longer need to wear your partner’s jacket).

Indeed, floral dresses revamp any girl’s feminine side. In most cases, it gives a carefree appeal to any ensemble and should be therefore perfect for any girl who walks into a prom without any reservations and worries. Floral dresses are not merely about fashion, but also about attitude and confidence.