Prom Dresses with Sleeves

Prom is an event similar to a ball for high school seniors that happen every year around America. It is one of the last times that high school classmates are all together before they head off after graduation to their lives and plans. It is also one of the few times that a girl can dress up and feel like a movie star on the red carpet which is why girls will spend weeks buying the perfect dress leading up to prom. Today’s generation, prom dresses are becoming less classy and just turning into fad designs that will look ridiculous years later on.

For the girls who want to keep a classy look while still maintaining style, there are the prom dresses with sleeves. When worn correctly, you will stand out as the most elegant girl at prom and will have a timeless style. This dress design is not something you will look back on and regret, but it has a style that screams elegance and sophistication, something that is not common in many high school seniors. There are many different ways to wear a sleeved prom dress and there are tips to think about before making a purchase.

The first thing to consider is the length of the sleeve. There are many options for the length of the sleeve such as full sleeves, half , and three-quarter sleeves. Full sleeves are great for a “Cinderella” look and are great for plus size girls as well because the sleeve will cover up the size of the arm and give it a slim look. There are also short sleeve lengths which show off the arms yet still have a very classic look to them. You can find the perfect sleeved prom dress with the variety of sleeve styles and sizes.

This example is a great model for a prom dress with sleeves. The short sleeved prom dress is a very attractive look. It is a great balance between the amount of skin being shown making it suitable for any girl with any preference. The dress is pleated and tapered down to mid-thigh where it loosens and drapes on the floor like a gown. This dress shows off the natural curves yet still manages to stay very chic and elegant.

Whichever type of sleeve you decide to go with, a prom dresses with sleeves will also be a classic look and it will be timeless after many years. Dresses with sleeves are not a fad or a trend that will come and go with the season but in years, you won’t look back on prom pictures and think of how ridiculous you looked. Instead, you will remember the memories of high school years and feeling like a classy, beautiful girl.