One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

There’s a reason why Goddesses from Greek Mythology are often portrayed wearing one-shouldered dresses. The softness of this design shows off the feminine side of a woman while highlighting her charm and stunning beauty. It is then not surprising that many brides prefer walking down the aisle wearing one-shoulder wedding dresses.

Contrary to the common misconception of most women who are highly conscious (and sometimes insecure) about their body, one shoulder gowns can look perfect on just about all body types.

Brides with noticeable busts can wow their grooms and guests alike with their sensuous silhouette especially when their asymmetrical dresses come with a draped tulle along with a boning that well supports and minimizes within the dropped-waist top. Women with this body type are suggested to secure a well-fitting bodice that can give more structure.

Even short women can look good in the dress that is typically worn by towering brides. The secret lies behind can be the chiffon A line sheath. In an instant, weddings can look more like a fairy tale as the bride walks along a petal-laden aisle wearing a floaty goddess frock that can make them look taller and leaner.

Plus size women with a pear shaped body should give close attention to the bottom part or skirt of a one shoulder wedding dress. It is best to go for a single-strapped gown that comes with an A-line skirt. Added details on the waist are also sure to contribute to the almost surreal beauty of a perfect silhouette.

Generally, though, curvy brides can work out one shoulder wedding dresses by choosing pieces that are made of satin. Drapes would make them look more slender, along with asymmetrical folds on the bodice, specifically, a gathered skirt that exudes amazing angles that can magically make the eyes stroke the gown from the feet up.

The fondness of women on one shoulder gowns dates back from ancient Greece. A lot of brides are then continuously drawn to this style because of the dresses’ ability to compliment a lot of body types (if not all). This is because the shoulder is the only body part of women that does not get fat. Showing the shoulders and collarbone would then give a sexy reveal while providing more coverage compared to strapless dresses.

These pieces also draw the eyes away from heavy bottom because of the details on the upper part of the body. Chiffon is usually the best fabric for these gowns as it provides ample drapes while being breathable and comfortable for the brides. It hugs the body better than any other clothing material without being clingy to a sweaty skin.

Thus, it can be said that these dresses can be perfect for brides who aim to look sexy but tasteful. Thanks to the elegant restraint that highlights the romantic side of women and sculpts curves even more; a lot of grooms are left in awe as they can’t take their eyes off of their brides.