Little Black Dresses

The little black dress has become the go-to staple in most women’s closets. From a night out on the town, dinner with that special person, or with more conservative styles a day at the office, it is truly the must-have fashion item. Just how widespread is this trend? A recent survey at the Mall of America may shed some light on a few interesting facts. Shoppers flock to this iconic mall from across the US and Canada for the best deals and on many items, including women shoppers who look for the best in dresses and accessories.

The survey was given to 300 women of various ages and backgrounds. It found an unsurprising result that 93% of the women owned a Little Black Dress (LBD for short) and the 2% of the remaining women had a similar go-to dress. A whopping 43% said that they owned more than one LBD and used them for various occasions. Sixty percent of the women only brought out the LBD on special occasions.

When asked what they liked about the LBD, the results were fairly similar.

“It makes me feel sexy” said Susan, 30.

“I love the comfort of it. Breaking in new clothes can be a pain so having that one dress that you know is always going to feel good is important” Brooke, 27 admitted.

“Meeting a new guy can be stressful enough. Dating is tough. I want to wear something I look good in and that feels familiar” Jasmine, 30 summed up.

With so many other decisions they make in life, it seems that the resounding simplicity of the LBD is what draws many women to buy that quintessential wardrobe item.

“With my dress all I have to worry about is what shoes to wear. It sounds shallow but who has time to dig through tons of dresses?” Melissa, 25 and mom-of-two added. It seems that the LBD is more than just form fitting, it’s life fitting.

A few women responded that they didn’t own an LBD or other go- to dress, some stated that they didn’t own any dresses or disliked dresses all together or had them but work them infrequently.

The Little Black Dress appear isn’t universal: “I hate the loss of freedom. I mean you have to be careful how you sit or walk. It’s really uncomfortable? Kris, 25 stated. “I think women need to learn that they’re more than just a pair of legs. Show your brain, not your skin.”

It seems that the vast majority of women have an LBD in their closet. The basic design, the comfort, and the simplicity of it are a huge draw. Stars wear them. The everyday woman wears them. The big question is why? Why do so many women own a Little Black Dress? What drives this one particular purchase? Olivia, 25, summed it up best; “It’s one of those things that women are just supposed to own, like a good purse or a decent pair of heels. My mother had one. My sisters have one. My best friend has three! I’m pretty sure my grandmother owns one. It’s just that one thing we all need to have, even if it sits in the closet because you never know.”