Plus Size Little Black Dress

A stylish and in-style little black dress is nothing but a staple part of every trendy woman’s closet. In fact, many fashion-savvies consider this ethereal fashion piece as an investment, if not a prized possession.

There are a lot of great things about a little black dress. For one, it is always easy to mix and match accessories to look your best in this fashion piece. Plus, black dresses that flatter the body can be worn on any occasion, amidst any kinds of trends. It doesn’t go out of style and can go with any personality, shoes, and clutches.

The good news is, plus size women can well benefit from wearing little black dresses. Dark hues generally makes a body look slimmer and more slender, given that the clothes come with proper fit, silhouette and style. It is generally difficult for most full-figured curvy women to find the most perfect little black dress for their body types and shapes. BUT it is not impossible. Voluptuous simply need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Buying a dress that is oversized or shapeless may make the wearer look bigger than they actually are.
  2. Plus sized women are generally recommended to go for little black dresses that gives emphasis to the waistline such as wrap around dresses.
  3. It is always safe to go for simple , clean dress that is free of any complicated designs and style. Plain yet attractive black dresses are always more flattering and easier to accessorize with jewelries, scarves and any kinds of shoes.
  4. The best plus size dress is usually made with jersey that can perfectly hug the body contour and drape in a manner that can conceal lumps and bumps in the waist and chest area.
  5. One of the best things about investing in a little black dress is that even full-figured women can style a single dress depending on where they intend to strut their style:
    • Office wear – plain plus size little black dresses can be worn jumper-style over a button-down shirt. This would give a stylishly corporate look to the basic piece. This ensemble can be paired with chunky, big necklaces matched with colorful flats to heighten the professional look.
    • Office party – one can look conservative yet really attractive by layering a basic black dress with a vest styled with an attention-grabbing brooches or pins. Just be wary of the proportions of the vest. It is best to consult with the store personnel in mixing and matching vests and dresses to avoid looking too lumpy or do away with a skimpy ensemble.
    • Special Occasions and Gatherings – little black dresses can be worn by voluptuous women with metallic heals paired with beaded bling-y bags and shiny necklaces.
    • Dinner with Family – Blazers can be the perfect partners of plus size little black dresses for this particular occasion. Tall boots and high-heeled shoes gives a pulled-together look.
    • Night out with friends – nothing can be more perfect for strutting the piece along clubs that pairing the dress with extremely large and bright accessories. Hot pink hues can be suitable to wear along with colored tights, shoes, and wraps.