Backless Prom Dresses

Backless dresses are usually an elegant choice for prom or formal gatherings. A lot of women prefer to wear these pieces simply because they can appear sexy while veering away from looking vulgar. Even teenagers can have a prom they would never forget with these dresses that exposed part of the skin in a tasteful and stylish way.

Not everyone can pull off a backless prom dress, though. Teenagers should have a toned back and shoulders with the right body type. Bulkier girls wearing these pieces may be the center of negative attention as certain type of backless gowns can result to having bulges in the wrong places.

A lot of girls may also be uncomfortable wearing these dresses especially with ill-fitting pieces. It is then imperative to keep these tips in mind whenever you plan to show up in prom with a backless dress:

1. Take note of the dresses’ fit on the bust. It is important for girls to have a good support at the chest area to make the dress look more structured and well-fitting. Unlined or thin dresses can be worn with silicone petals or bra made for backless clothes. You can use adhesive tapes to make the undergarments stick to your skin. To avoid having the dress plunge too low, bras that can be wrapped around the stomach and across the lower back can be used.

2. Pick a dress that is tailored with a sturdy fabric. Soft and draping clothing materials may fall off as you go dancing on your prom night. These may also have a distorted shape when the wearer moves too much. To get the perfect structure, the fabrics should be tough to give ample support and shape.

3. Minimize the jewelries. Dangling earrings can effective draw attention to the neck, shoulders, neck and back so they are the perfect partner for backless prom dresses. Scratch out heavy necklaces from the list of options as these can break the elegant line that extends from the neck towards the back. Instead, necklaces with thin feminine chains with tips that can dangle at the back should be worn with the dress.

4. Wear your hair up. There’s no point in showing skin with backless dresses only to have long, thick hair cover it. Fashion experts highly suggest slightly undone bun for prom, which can exude a laid back yet trendy ensemble. A chignon may also look perfect for girls with longer necks and sharper shoulder blades.

5. Research from the magazine on which details or cuts bet fits your body. Planning what to wear to prom months ahead cannot only help you visualize your overall look. This would also open a lot of doors for outfit options. Remember to consider the accessories, along with colors that would look stunning on your complexion.