Lace Prom Dresses

MTV Movie Awards in 2011 is probably one of the most unforgettable TV moments that unfolded before the very eyes of women who rage every boutique to find a perfect lace dress. This is where American actress Emma Stone showed up and wowed everyone with a simple yet very stunning fashion-forward lace black dress. At a glance, it seems as though the dress fell short in terms of design. The platform pumps and orange clutch, nonetheless, created magic and made her the limelight stealer of the night. The yellow fringed bustier dress with black lace overlay has since been the talk of the town, when it comes to finding the perfect lace dress.

The good news is, even teenagers can enjoy the attention and have a slice of a red carpet moment during their prom. For as long as they have the keen eye for details and style, it would be easy to find good options for lace prom dresses that can magically turn their night into a moment they would never forget.

Through the years, women have been found to have a special indescribable inkling to laces. The subtlety and delicateness of the material may be the reason behind, or it might be their fondness of anything that looks pretty. Nobody knows for sure. But there can be something definite here. Wearing lace prom dresses can help even young ladies exude that femininity and mystery any girls would love to have with a lace dress worn properly.

Lace dresses, after all, are considered to be the modern version of little black dress – showing subtle sexiness with splashes of elegant panache. Among the most preferred style prom dresses are:

1. Maxi dresses – Prom is the perfect occasion to parade around with long dresses. This, however, does not give any teens an excuse to show up in a dress with an old version of “long gown” hem. Maxi dresses are so in-style today, as most fashion magazines would suggest. This is a slightly unconventional take on prom dresses, but this idea can reflect a youthful edition in the lace dress trends.

2. Belted look – the hype of large vintage belts gives any young lady an opportunity to show up in prom wearing a unique style of lace dress. Fashion stores and boutiques today have made bubble-skirt styled Barbie dresses made of laces with subtle colors worn with big, bold colored belts. This would simply be a fusion of the modern and the 70’s with, of course, a lot of good tastes. Even a rocker chic can show up at prom with a black laced dress with hems that fall above the knee paired with cropped bolero accentuated by big buttons.

3. Lace Insert Dresses – Young girls who may want to be showcase faint (but still eye-catching) use of lace for their prom dresses can opt to go with dresses showing hints of laces. Designers would usually make pieces as such that can be pulled off as tunic or mini-dresses, depending on the shape of the body.

Overall, the style principle when wearing lace prom dresses can be simple: Have a good contrast of colors and textures when it comes to accessorizing. Earth and subtle tones paired with vivid colors of shoes and clutches; Bolder hues of dresses paired with softer splashes of color. Just have fun with the styling and wow everyone at prom in an instant.