Plus Size Prom Dresses

With plus-size models reigning in fashion reality-shows along with the conscious effort of the industry to defy the stylish dresses for skinny-girls-only notion, curvy girls of today no longer need to worry about shopping for plus size prom dresses. In fact, one might be surprise to find that curvy girls have wider range of options for their prom dresses. It would simply be a matter of finding the right cut, style, design and color to make the night most memorable and voluptuous figures more flattering.

The first step in swaying your way to the prom night is to get your dimensions. Measure your bust while wearing a well-fitted brassiere around the fullest part. Next, get your waist measurement (an inch above the navel) and the widest part of the hips.

The style of the prom dress will greatly depend on which area has the most concentration. It is usually the middle section or the waist that has the largest measurement. Thus, girls with such shape should choose a dress that can effectively balance out narrow shoulders. Those that come with wraps and shrugs are perfect choices. Opting for dresses with horizontal cuts that can broaden or emphasize the neckline will also help.

To take the attention away from the tummy, wear an A line or princess silhouette dress with a hem higher at the front to accentuate the shapely legs. Make sure to draw the emphasis away from the mid-section and hips by focusing on the face, shoulder and neck. To do this, wear an interesting pendant or pair of earrings.

On the other hand, a body type with smaller waist but larger hips and thighs should wear a dress that can emphasize the waist area. To do this, make sure to get something with a sash or belt. One secret is to get a dress with a lighter shade or color at the top part and darker colors at the bottom. This would elongate the silhouette of the body and can come off as more stylish than one-colored dresses.

The hardest body type to dress is probably that with almost the same body measurements. The trick is to create an illusion of a smaller and more defined waist by picking a prom dress with a fitted bodice or one with a sash, belt, or big accessories around the waist. Fashion experts suggest that girls with this body shape go for empire line dresses that can show off the upper body with the fabric draping down over the waist and hips (thus hiding a heavy bottom). Pairing he fitted bodice with skirts that come with godet inserts is one of the secrets in achieving a leaner look, as this would add emphasis to shapely legs and thighs.

Wearing a full length prom dress may not be the best option. Cocktail dresses inspired by the classic look of the 1950s can be your best bet. To make the dresses look fit on the body, using a body shaping underwear available in most shops can help you gain more confidence.

One important note: do not sacrifice comfort. Plus size prom dresses are only there for a stylish cover. Make sure you enjoy the special night with something that can let you have fun in a fashionable and chic way.