Zebra Print Prom Dresses

Conservative tastes have the biggest tendency to stick up their noses on animal-print dresses worn by the younger generation of fashionistas especially at prom. Naysayers, however, should not stop young ladies from wearing animal prints on their special night whenever they want to showcase their adventurous side in fashion.

Animal print dresses never go out of style. At some point, these pieces may be out in the market but the fashion climate seem to go back in the hype of animal prints almost like a routine. Pretty soon, leopard and cheetah print dresses will be all at rage ? again.

Zebra prints, however, are one of the most ingenious and androgynous animal print. The play of black in white in unique interesting pattern creates a surprising element of art and exudes the daring side of the wearer. So there is no reason for you to think twice of wearing that gorgeous zebra print prom dresses at prom. Just take note of these considerations and you might be one of the stunners and best dressers of the night:

  • Do not overdo it. Matchy-matchy is a big no-no in wearing zebra prints. Too much patterns blurs the line between being classy and tacky. Erase white or black accessories from your list of accents and try wearing the dress with belts, clutches or shoes in colors of fuchsia, aquamarine, and lime green or yellow.
  • Have a good posture. Stand tall and don?t slouch to show that confidence needed to pull off a zebra print dress.
  • Consider your personality in choosing the length of the dress. Longer styles are for the conservative-classy, but shorter styles can be perfect for those who are fun and flirty. But wherever the hem may fall, be sure that the dress would look flattering and gorgeous on your body type. Have a keen eye on the fit and cut.
  • Girls with shorter legs tend to appear too short in zebra print prom dresses. Longer dresses can be an option. But when you wish to flaunt those legs, aim to buy a dress with an empire waist to balance the silhouette. High heels would also help in making the legs longer.
  • Do not go for dresses that are too short. A zebra print dress is already sexy. Wearing a piece that shows too much of skin may make young ladies look tacky and vulgar. Prom dresses, after all, are supposed to fall no shorter than the knee area. So pick a zebra dress with the right length so you can sit and dance comfortably.
  • Observe the zebra print and pattern. Diagonal zebra prints can have a slimming effect and emphasize curves. Horizontal prints can make skinnier girls make look curvier.
  • Know your options. Zebra print prom dresses are rarely tailored to have zebra prints all the way. Designers incorporate solid colors with the print. In most cases, there are pieces that come with a solid-colored top paired with zebra printed skirt. These can be perfect for those who find animal prints a little too bold.
  • Avoid wearing too much jewellery. You can look stunning with gold earrings, necklaces and big rings but skip wearing these all together to maintain a clean ensemble.