Ballroom Waltz Dresses

Many fashionistas least expected that even ordinary women can waltz their way up to “best dress” lists of any occasions.

This is because, indeed, dancers are not the only ones who can give justice to a remarkable ballroom dress. Even women who know every nook and cranny in the accessorizing and dressing up tricks can well grace their way and flaunt their inner performer with a waltz ballroom dress for instance.

It is then not surprising that adventurous ladies (fashion wise) always have the thirst to acquire that specific sharpness of performers when they hit the dance floor with their waltz dresses. This has made ballroom clothing fly off so quickly from the racks of dancewear stores and even online shops.

Similar to the keenness and care of dancers in choosing the best outfit, however, women who are in hunt for a perfect costume should also be careful in their selection of waltz dresses. It is then imperative that women should first decide on the theme of the ensemble. Most often, women would go for clothes with Victorian flair as these can effortlessly make the wearer standout from the crowd. Along with the best choice for theme, nonetheless, these steps should be followed to come up with the most stunning and sound pick for ballroom waltz dresses:

  • Choose a costume than can give utmost comfort and allows for free movement of both legs and arms. This way, you can dance more gracefully and thus appear more alluring. Comfort lies on the fit of the dress – avoid wearing one that is too loose or too snug. The hem should also be long enough to provide the conservative image of waltz dancers but not too long to make the feet entangled.
  • Match the design of the dress with the footwear and accessories. Victorian waltz dancers parade around with long skirts and spacious bottoms lined with ruffles. On the other hand, Texas waltz calls for long western-styled dresses in pink, red or white designed with unique ruffles at the bottom. Remember that these dresses’ unique style can be complimented with high heeled shoes, but they are never androgynous enough when it comes to hairstyles. Look at the silhouette of the dress and decide whether curls or waves can we worn up or down.
  • Customize the length of the dress if needed. The dilemma of most waltz dancers is that they find it difficult to get used to floor-length dresses because of their practice attires that usually fall down just below their knee. So if you plan to get involved in a waltz dance competition, the length of the dress should be carefully observed. Deviate from piece that leave a trail or give high risk of being stepped on.
  • Wear a style of ballroom waltz dresses according to your age. Younger women are advised to choose something simple such as a skirt or plain top worn with flat shoes or footwear with minimal heels. On the other hand, the maturity of some women can be complimented and enhanced by fancier ensembles and higher heels.