Halter Top Cocktail Dresses

Wearing a halter cocktail dress can help any woman exude both seduction and beauty. This piece can be effective in charming the pants off of any man with part of the skin showing without revealing too much. Plus, halter cocktail dresses is something that can make an ensemble look classic and ethereal.

Nonetheless, women may have a hard time shopping for halter dresses as there are numerous designs and cuts that can fit specific type of physiques and body types. Note that halter dresses draws attention to the upper part of the body and may sometimes make the bust look bigger with the shoulders appearing wider. The body shape of the wearer should therefore be the top consideration in choosing the style and length of the halter dress.

Women with triangular body shape should go for halter dresses that are tailored to have an elongated type of waistline. This way, they can look taller and leaner. Dresses that come with a decorative bodice can also be perfect for women with this type of body as it can effectively and instantly make the bust, neck and shoulder look more feminine.

On the other hand, rectangular shaped bodies with undefined waist, along with a narrow and long physique would look curvier with a halter cocktail dress that comes with detailed patterns. Make sure that the prints on the fabric will create an illusion of wider body figure. Wearing a stylish belt with the dress would also help in defining the shape of the waist.

Hourglass figured women are usually the ones who do not face too much difficulty in wearing halter cocktail dresses. Their body type features can be both flexible and suitable for any type of soft and flowing fabrics. Remember though that heavy and bulky dresses may conceal there perfect shape. Thus, an a-line halter cocktail dress would look more exquisite for this shape. This cut makes the waistline a focal point, thus effectively creating balance on the silhouette.

Dinner parties and other casual gatherings are the perfect events to strut down a halter dress. Accessorizing is also never difficult with this fashion piece because of the elaboration it draws down to the neck and hemline, so rest assured that you need not much jewelry to make the dress look more appealing. Most dresses for casual occasions look cute and young with stylish flats or in-style wedges. Those worn in semi-formal gatherings, on the other hand, can be paired with pumps and heels.

While dressing up with halter cocktail gowns for most occasions should be easy, women should take note on the events where cocktail dresses are NOT supposed to be worn.

On cold nights, women are not supposed to hit the clubs with a halter dress as these can make them look uncomfortable outdoors. Wearing scarfs and boleros can be an option, but these pieces might destroy the ensemble and make the upper part of the body look too overcrowded.

Etiquette wise, halter cocktail dresses are not to be worn on formal black tie affairs. While celebrities may hit the red carpet with these pieces, remember that halter necked cocktail dresses are not included in the list of formal clothes. Then again, wearing longer dresses with pretty frills or elaborate details (with the hem falling mid-calves) can look good in formal gatherings.