Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses – A Great Classic Wedding Look

Some women want to look trendy at their wedding, and some like to stay classic and wear a timeless style wedding dress. A long sleeve wedding dress is a very classic look and great for a mature woman or someone who wants to keep their wedding classy and sophisticated. As more people are getting their weddings at churches, they like to keep a modest look so women are opting for long sleeved wedding dresses which are both modest and conservative yet it keeps an attractive appeal. Although these dresses are classic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not be chic or stylish. A classic look will always by timeless and in style.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are also very popular among plus sized wedding dresses because it covers up the arms. Plus size women need to hide unattractive features such as the extra size on their back, shoulders, and arms, which makes long sleeve dresses popular. It hides the negative features in the women making them look much better and more importantly feel better. The long sleeve design of a wedding dress is popularized due to its conservative look and it adds style and makes a plus size woman look much better. A very popular style of a long sleeve wedding dress is to have lace sleeves. This keeps classic look, but the lace design makes it very sexy. There are many different types of dress styles to mix with a long sleeve wedding dress. The common sleeve choice for dresses is a fitted sleeve. This design has the sleeves fit snugly to your arms and is great for winter weddings where you might want extra warmth. Another sleeve style is called Juliet sleeves which are a very classic style from Renaissance times where the sleeve is snug from shoulder to elbow and becomes looser as it goes towards the wrists. There are many more options to consider when choosing a long sleeve wedding dress and it depends on the design and style you are personally going for.

The above is a beautiful example of a long sleeve wedding dress. The dress material is not overbearing and it does not take away from the model and it shows off her waistline and nice body. The sleeves are 1/2 sleeves which is a very stylish look especially when paired with the lace design making it a perfect combination. This type of dress is stylish, yet very timeless and classy. The dress above is a very unique dress that is not commonly seen, but it is very stylish. The dress itself is very slim against the body showing off the curves giving it a very sensual, sexy look. The sleeves are Juliet style which means that from the elbow down, it drapes which is an extremely classy look from Renaissance times. A dress like this is great for a woman who wants to show off a body yet keep everything elegant and timeless. Whatever type of long sleeve wedding dress that you decide to get, you can be assured that you will look classy, sexy, and show off an elegant style that is missing from most wedding dresses. A dress great for plus size women or the classy woman who wants to keep her wedding timeless, a long sleeve dress is the way to go.