Cocktail Dresses for Mature Women

Gaining few more years doesn’t necessarily translate to the need for mature women to look too old-fashioned. While a woman in her 40’s or 50’s dressing up like a 20-year-old looks tacky and inappropriate, mature women still needs to keep up with the latest trends without appearing too juvenile and cheap. Luckily, various designers cater to older women when it comes to tailoring fashion pieces, including cocktail dresses.

Younger generations have the advantage of having wide array of plethora when it comes to choosing cocktail dresses – either for formal or casual gatherings. Same way, mature women can enjoy the same options if they are patient and adventurous enough to experiment with fashion (taking into consideration, of course, the factors that would make them look respectable and elegant before the public eye).

The best inspiration they can get when buying cocktail dresses is the fact that designers and fashionistas nowadays pay high regards for the sexiness and ethereal beauty most women in their 40s or 50s exude. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey serve as a living epitome and proof that women can look more dashing as they mature. This then becomes a source of confidence in trying out cocktail dresses for mature women: age should not dictate clothing styles. Rather, personal tastes and body structure will make a dress more flattering.

Strapless cocktail dresses for older women can be the safest and most popular choice in the market. The silhouette it creates knows no age. Plus, the balancing the proportion of the body would be easier with these pieces. Show off that smooth flawless skin and take pride in the figure you have taken care of for so long. If you feel uncomfortable showing too much skin with a strapless dress (or feel conscious about saggy arms), there are different cover ups that can work magic not only on the styling of the dress but also on the overall ensemble. Older women can choose a stylish neutral toned bolero or shawls to go with the dress.

There may also be several options for cocktail dresses with sleeves found in the racks of several stores and boutiques. Long sleeved cocktail dresses for mature women are usually perfect for formal occasions. With today’s modern trends, there may also be pieces that come with interesting and avant-garde collars and sleeves. Some may appear like fusion of suits and dresses, or other several styles put together in one smashing cocktail dress.

Remember that when shopping for cocktail dresses, mature women should take note of the dress’ length. The hem’s length can range from being slightly above the knee or slightly below the knee. This follows the rules of thirds in finding the right proportion. Dresses for older women are also usually made of draped fabrics. Delve away from pieces that are too snug on the body, but be careful not to wear oversized clothes that can make you look like a sad matron.

Hard fabrics may also be a good choice, as long as it provides solid shape and conceals bulges and other body parts that may make you feel insecure.