The Perfect Little Black Dress

The little black dress was designed by Coco Chanel in the 1920?s and almost a century later it is still regarded as the most popular dress in the world and it is the ?go to? dress for any women for any occasion. Chanel?s intention with the little black dress was to design a dress that would be suitable for any occasion and versatile enough that any body type could wear it. The simple design will always be in style and is versatile enough to be worn to any setting no matter how formal or casual the occasion.

There are certain characteristics of the perfect little black dress to keep in mind. First point to notice is the length of the dress. There are variations depending on what the person wants, but the standard length is anywhere from an inch below the knee to an inch above. A taller woman may want to go for the longer length while a shorter person may want a shorter length. Another option that you have with the little black dress is the type of straps. While there are many options such as halter tops, strapless, or sleeveless, but the perfect little black dress has straps that are two inches thick. This was the original design and the ?standard? for the dress style. It is the perfect blend that will go with any body type and personal style.

The dress is very simple, yet it is the subtleness that makes the little black dress so famous. The color itself will flatter any body and give a slimming effect. Other points to consider are the accessories being worn with the dress. While the dress is subtle in its design, the accessories should also be subtle and not too flashy. Examples can include thin, silver bracelets, necklaces, and stud earrings. It is best to avoid flashy jewelry such as pendants or diamonds. Although you can wear these flashy pieces with other outfits, for a classic look it is best to have subtle jewelry pieces.

little black dresses

This is a great example of the perfect little black dress that is classic and timeless. The dress has a very subtle design with a contemporary neckline cut and short sleeves. This dress is very slightly above the knee and slim fitted to show off the hips which creates a look of elegance and is very chic. The dress is modeled perfectly with minimal accessories which brings attention to the dress and face making it a great outfit.

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The dress is another style of a little black dress which is very simple yet a great example of a classic dress style. The dress shows of bare arms and legs which is a very flirty look but the cut of the dress keeps the timeless look. Accessories are minimal which brings the attention to the person and dress but you can always add small jewelry for an extra pop.

The perfect little black dress is all in the subtle designs and there is no need for flash or bold pieces to wear with it. The design was fashionable in the 1920?s and almost a century later, is still a fashionable piece. Unlike other dresses that may fade as trends come and go, the little black dress is an investment since you will always have it at your disposal. This dress is the cornerstone staple of a chic woman?s wardrobe and an investment to have throughout the years.