Cocktail Dresses for Weddings

“Once a bridesmaid always a bride” is a proverb said often in weddings. Bridesmaids, however, should never fall short in looking their best in weddings even though they give the spotlight to the bride and simply remain to be – well – a bridesmaid.

Most ladies on the entourage often has this misconception of not needing to dress up during weddings, especially since all eyes should be on the bride, not on them. BUT looking sloppy and blah while standing beside the bride as she exchange vows with his groom is a big no-no.

The big dilemma of most bridesmaids therefore is finding balance between being flashy and simple. In such cases, wearing cocktail dresses for weddings can be the best option and may as well be the safest choice of attire not only for bridesmaids but also for the wedding guests.

Picking the right cocktail dress for weddings can be tricky. Experts laid out several secrets for ladies who want to look fab in weddings without being a spotlight stealer:

  • Do not purchase showy cocktail dresses for weddings. The logic behind this secret is pretty simple – prettifying and being a stunner without overpowering the brides is a way to show respect to the hosts of the event. Avoid getting sexy silky cocktail dresses if you do not want to be the talk of the town during and after the event. The secret is to pick a simply yet elegant dress with a v-neck cut accentuated with matching jacket or bolero can make you effortlessly beautiful and trendy.
  • Scratch of white cocktail dresses off your list. Bridesmaids are never the bride – literally. Strutting an ivory dress steals away the chance of the bride to get the guest’s attention for just a day. Brides are the only ones wearing white in a wedding. Be sure to deviate from white dresses and simply pick a color that matches your skin tone.
  • Using pastel-colored cocktail dresses is not really the best choice. Getting a piece that well compliments your skin tone is good, but wearing something of pastel hue may not be the best move, unless you are one of the bridesmaid. Those on the entourage have all the rights to grace their way with light colored cocktail dresses but guests are not advised to follow the hue of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Dark colored cocktail dresses that are not too extravagant may be the best investment as they never go out of style and would look elegant in just about any body type.

Choose a cocktail dress that best suits your body type, height and skin tone. This is the key to be comfortable in the dress during long hours of attending the ceremony and dancing your worries away during the reception. Being confident of your silhouette also helps in doing away with being too self conscious while keeping you calm and relaxed. The way you present and carry yourself comes next after achieving this tip.