Halter Top Little Black Dresses

Marilyn Monroe had always been one of the biggest headline huggers when it comes to celebrity “news.” Alongside Madonna and Audrey Hepburn, some fashion experts also consider her as a fashion icon as she donned that ever-famous white halter dress matched with a dark lip colour that perfectly highlighted her pouty lips.

She was always seen as a sultry goddess. Decades after, her style is still copied even by the young and hip. The halter top dress that perfectly hugged her curves became the focal point for her ensemble.

It is of no wonder then that halter top little black dresses are also one of the pieces that have the biggest demands among stylish and trendy women. These may not shine as an ivory piece of clothing, but see it as a perfect counterpart of an undying fashion icon that can always wow the thirty fashionable spectators.

One of the best things about halter top little black dresses is that they can go with just about any body type. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can be careless when it comes to the selection of the cut and style of the dress. Experts suggest that halter tops are not supposed to fit apply-shaped bodies as these cuts can enhance their broad shoulders. Halters may only exaggerate their wide shoulders.

For most body shapes, however, halter top dresses would work perfectly as the cut goes beyond the neck and ties up in the nape, therefore effectively elongating the torso and gives an illusion of a slimmer and leaner body. The dress is supposed to be snug on the curves of the body and gussy up elegance.

Even plus size women can look adoring in these dresses, as long as they give closer attention to the straps. Curvier women should aim for halter top little black dresses that come with thicker straps to balance the size of the upper part of their torso.

Halter dresses are ravishingly sexy as they reveal skin but not in a way that would make a woman look tacky. So it is imperative to choose the right undergarments to go with it. Never show your bra straps with this dress, unless you want to be the subject of mockery for choosing the wrong lingerie. Strapless padded bras are the perfect underwear for these dresses. Should you feel uncomfortable with these; experts suggest that you wear a bra with a strapless strap that can be hidden behind the straps of the halter top dress.

Given that halter top dresses highlight the torso, it follows that women should choose a piece that isn’t too revealing at the bottom. Halter dresses with busy bottoms may just make the ensemble look like a costume. Plus, wearing too short dresses may only steal the attention that is supposed to focus at the upper part of the body. To make the legs sexy in a simply skirt, a good pair of shoes can be worn with the dress.

Heels, pumps, and clogs are the most perfect match for the dress. The colours of the shoes depend on the occasion where the dress will be worn. Casual gatherings call for bolder hues that create contrast with the black, while black ties need neutral tones like beige, white or silver.