Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

Going to the beach with bulky outfits would just be plain ridiculous. Getting married by the beach with traditional princess-y gowns, on the same note, would be inappropriate and uncomfortable. Thus, as the wedding planning trends continue to be inclined to romantic, beach weddings, Hawaiian wedding dresses go in-style and – well – in demand.

The best thing about holding weddings in a tropical paradise like Hawaii is the serene ambiance brought about by sparkling white sand beaches. One would also never run out of things to admire from different islands as the 50th state is oozing with nature’s touch – captivating waterfalls, majestic volcanoes and vividly colored flora and fauna. Surely, no one can’t resist exchanging vows and I do’s in this Garden of Eden set on Earth.

Tropical Hawaiian weddings, nonetheless, wouldn’t be truly felt and enjoyed without a proper dress that goes with the stunning.

In choosing a wedding gown for beach weddings, consider that he bride has to walk on a sandy isle. Picking a short wedding dress would therefore be more practical instead of going with the traditional floor-length gown that which may only get dirty as the train drags the sand during the wedding ceremony. You may end up having hassles with damages and stains instead of simply enjoying an easy breezy honeymoon.

Experts suggest that the wedding gown for a Hawaiian-themed wedding should only reach to the calves in the back and accentuate the legs of the bride with a hem that grazes the knee in front. This way, brides can freely move without being uncomfortable while staying stylish, elegant and clean.

Given that beach weddings come with warm temperature, it is a must for the brides to pick gowns which are made with temperature-friendly fabrics. Weddings in Hawaii may be hot and humid. Thus, brides should pick a dress with natural, lightweight fabrics that doesn’t stick to the skin and leave ugly, sweaty mess. Fabrics like cotton and linen can allow the skin to breathe and the bride to look picture perfect. Wedding planners suggest that brides in Hawaii stay away from artificial fabrics and polyester that can make them look like the corpse bride with sticky hair and sweaty skin.

Picking the style of the gown for a Hawaiian wedding shouldn’t be tricky. Brides can simply opt to wear a simple cut dress, with spaghetti straps and a wrap. However, most prefer to follow the styling of their gowns after the tropical Aloha theme. Lifestyle section of most newspapers published during the summer feature dresses made with grass hula skirts. These are for the adventurous, daring brides.

Should you choose to go local, a simple dress accessorized with flower necklaces or sea shell broaches may be a good idea. Gowns embellished with shells gathered from nearby beaches may as well be a good suggestion for fashionista future wives. Make sure though that the shells are cleaned before they are sewn into the dress to do away with stains and damages.

With all these fashion tips on purchasing and wearing Hawaiian wedding dresses, saying Aloha to forever should be fun and simple.