Cocktail Dresses with Sleeves

Cocktail dresses are popular dresses in women’s fashion due to their wide array of styles and versatility to be worn in many different occasions. One of the classier styles is cocktail dresses with sleeves. Having sleeved cocktail dresses is great for many reasons, both for style and practicality. Whether you want to keep it elegant and conservative or wear it with trendy accessories that stand out, a cocktail dress that has sleeves is a great option.

 Although we will discuss the style aspect of sleeved cocktail dresses, there is a practical side as well. The reason is that the sleeves will keep your arms warm which makes this a popular dress for night time when the weather is cooler or seasons where there is a colder climate. There are different types of sleeves as well for these dresses. Most are sleeves that are snug to your arms and come in full lengths. There are other types of sleeves as well. For example, there are dresses that come with sleeves that are loose from the elbow to the wrist and others that are tapered from the shoulder to the elbow and become loose and “hang” from the elbow on down. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from whichever style of sleeves.

Dresses with sleeves are a first choice among women who do not like to show off bare arms. Women that are in great shape and have toned arms still may not be comfortable with showing off their arms so it becomes a popular choice to pick a dress that has sleeves. A sleeved cocktail dress is a very conservative look yet stylish which makes it great for women who are working in a professional workplace. Certain places where a sleeveless dress may be too casual or unprofessional, a dress with sleeves are a great alternative. You can still carry a stylish, yet professional look at the office.

This is a great example of a simple, yet stylish cocktail dress with long sleeves. The dress has a slightly low neckline and the length of the dress is a few inches above the knees so it overall shows a good amount of skin. This makes it a very sexy dress and great for a woman with confidence to wear a dress like that. The sleeves are lace which adds a hint of elegance yet keeps this stylish. A dress like this can be worn with minimal accessories like the example above or more pieces to make it a bold look.

Many women believe that to look sexy they need to plainly just show off a lot of skin. This is far from true as you can see by the example model above. The dress shows off a fair amount of skin but it has a high neckline and long sleeves yet it still has a very sensual, attractive look. The dress is great for parties and nightclubs and can be worn with limited accessories but pumps or heels will make it a great outfit.

There are many different styles of cocktail dresses with sleeves to choose from and there is an option for any woman who wants to stay classy and look fashionable. You can dress up this outfit with subtle accessories such as silver necklaces and earrings or dress it down with bold jewelry to make a statement. There are endless possibilities which makes it fun and exciting.