Black Ballet Dresses

At the height of the film Black Swan’s popularity, black ballerina dresses has been famous not only among performers but also among stylish women who would want to stand out in a crowd during costume parties and other gatherings. Even young ladies have bitten into the hype and picked prom dresses styled with black bodice and ebony tutus.

Celebrities were also spotted gracing the red carpet with black ballerina dresses. Emma Roberts is one of those who have unfolded the magic of the piece before the prying eyes of the public when she attended the 2011 CNN Heroes. The piece she wore was tailored with black and nude colored silk mousseline with lace detailing that accentuated the full skirt (looking more like a tutu). And with just a flick of a finger coupled with a quick snapshot from the camera, black ballerina dresses became the modern version little black dresses.

The good news is, one doesn’t need to be a professional dancer (or celebrity at that) to pull off this look. Young girls and women can easily look sensational in a black swan costume as look as they wear the dress with the needed confidence and posture.

Though ballerina dresses often comes with hefty price tags, stylish and resourceful women can have cheap and affordable remedies. The following are the pieces recommended for purchase whenever you want to look stunningly unique in any party or occasion:

1. Black Leotards – similar to any other dance costumes, the ensemble of a ballerina starts with a basic leotard. These are usually bought from clothing stores with an affordable price range. If you intend to wear the ensemble to a party, it is a must to get black leotards with feminine details like slender straps to avoid looking too costume-y.

2. Black bodice – this is a good alternative for black leotards whenever women want to showcase the look as a replacement for the usual LBD. Stores and fashion boutiques alike have interesting designs for black bodices, but you may want to buy a plain, snug top and embellish it yourself. This way, you can customize the ballerina dress while saving money.

3. Ballet skirts- black ballerina dresses wouldn’t be complete without the tutu. Note that it is almost impossible for non-performers to get their hands on professional stage costume. It is then more practical to look for alternatives like a gauzy tulle skirt paired with the bodice of your choice. Buying Juliet ballet skirt may as well be an accessible and trendy replacement for tutus.

4. Ballet slippers – to create a genuine ballerina look, ballet slippers can be worn to costume parties. These can be bought from specialty shops and few other stores. It is rare to find a pair of black ballerina slippers, but you have the option to tie black ribbons around your ankles to complete the Black Swan costume.

5. Black ballet flats – doll shoes are so in-style with today’s trends. It is now easy to find a pair of ballet flats that can go with any casual look, especially with party black ballerina dresses.