Little Black Dress with Sleeves

When one thinks of a little black dress, it is almost instant that an image of a tube, haltered or spaghetti-strapped dress would pop up in mind. It is also a common misconception that little black dresses are only for skinnier and more slender women. Thus, curvier ladies who opt to put on a sleeveless little black dress often wear it with bolero, shawls or pashminas to for more coverage. Little did they know that a little black dress with sleeves can do the trick.

The best thing about a little black dress that comes with sleeves is that it can appear more classic and chic, depending on how it is accessorized. This ethereal piece of fashion is also known to suit any body type. Plus, women no longer need to invest in additional piece of clothing like scarves or cropped jackets that can be worn with their little black dress on chilly nights.

While little black dresses (with or without sleeves) can be versatile for any occasion, women should be wary of the sleeve length, along with the styling. Note that there can be wide array of sleeve designs from flowing to structured type. There may also be varied length from full long sleeves to cutesy half sleeves.

Women should therefore get their dimensions and examine their body types, as doing so would give them the best guide in choosing a perfectly fitting little black dress:

  • Inverted Triangle or Apple Shape- Pair of shoulders which are visibly wider than the hips along with large bosoms make up this body type. Women who are of this shape ate advised to wear draped or slightly blouse on top with a tight skirt that emphasizes the shape of the lower half of the body. It is through this counter-balance technique in fashion that they can appear slim. Note that a perfect ensemble is created by wearing a little black dress with full long sleeves that are loose to the arms. Deviate from pieces that further accentuates a heavy torso.
  • Rectangle or Straight. Women with waist and hip measurements that are almost the same have the tendency to appear boyish because of the lack of well-defined waist and prominent chest. Thus, little black dress for this body type should create an illusion of a curvier chest, narrower waist and fuller hips. So aside from piped line around the ribcage and daring scoop or V-necklines, there is a need for them to wear half sleeves or fitted long sleeves. This body type can usually be complimented with any length of arm cover as long as they are snug.
  • Triangle or Pear. When you have a body with hips wider than the shoulders coupled with round thighs, then little black dresses designed to hug the slim torso can be the perfect choice. Remember that the bust line should be given emphasis as this would balance the proportions of the silhouette.

A snug sleeve is then recommended for this body shape, along with straight skirts that draped down from the hip in a pipe shape that opposes the roundness of the lower body.