Vintage Cocktail Dresses

Brides should be the center of attention in weddings. Bridesmaids should stand aside and give the spotlight to that woman marching down the aisle to say her I do?s. BUT there is no reason for the entourage to look sloppy during weddings?especially when bridesmaids go on parading with vintage cocktail dresses.

With the hype in the fashion industry inclined to collecting classic pieces for fashion shows and events, more and more weddings continue to have vintage themes. Thus, alongside the breathtaking vintage gowns of the brides, the entourage are also dressed in ethereal clothing designs that have long since left fashion gurus and their spectators in awe.

Choosing a vintage cocktail dress, nevertheless, can be tricky especially to those who are left with wide ranges of options from most stores. Remember that each era features different styles for the cocktail dresses.

-1940s: cocktail dresses during this era are often inchoate yet very stylish. It is during this period that the dresses are popular in the imperial households and events of the royalties. Expect the design to be very structured at the waist and bust with a lot of laces but very few blings.

-1950?s: dresses made in this period are more dramatic and catchy when it comes to including stones and accessories. The cut and silhouette can be very close to that of the 1940s, but 50?s cocktail dresses come with more gems and studs.

-1960?s: dresses come close to the modern style with more adventurous designs. Colors are usually very bold, and come with exaggerated detailing such as big flower prints, etc.
No matter which era the vintage pieces are made, it is just important to accessorize and wear the dresses right.

Hairstyles are one of the most common worries of the bridesmaids who in a vintage-themed weddings. There should be no problem in going to the ceremony with modern hair style as long as it doesn?t outshine the dress. It is safer, however, to wear your hair up and show off a classic do to play the part. The key is to showcase the neckline and shoulders and style your hair in a way that can flatter the frame of the face.

Completing the classic look needs a cute leather clutch. You may also opt for suede or a simple canvas with ethereal and vintage twist for a more smashing ensemble. Remember to match the style of the clutch with your shoes. Mary Jane pumps are the top choices for vintage cocktails, although one should also be open to wear stilettos or wedge heels to add flair to the feminine twist. Most vintage dresses are also compatible with patent leather or fabric-textured shoes so these would be on the safer choices.

Since cocktail dresses from the past eras can come in a peculiar length, choosing cover-ups may be tricky. Heading out with s scarf or bolero jacket is a perfect choice. Do not go overboard with accessories. Simple studs, pearls and jewelries should be fine. Wearing a brooch or pin can also be a great way to add finishing touches to the vintage cocktail dresses.