Ballroom Competition Dresses

Neophyte ballroom dancers may have apprehensions in buying ballroom competition dresses. For one, a lot of couples would have second thoughts investing in costumes that would probably be left behind to accumulate dust inside the closet. Picking the right clothes may also be a challenging task for beginners.

Then again, no dancers out there would surely want to look sloppy on the dance floor. Remember that your first big show may be the most memorable competition so it is important to look your best.

Most dancers often commit the mistake of wearing evening dresses for competitions. These decisions don’t usually work. Remember that party and evening dresses are tailored with non-stretchy fabric that may obstruct movement and destroy the overall shape that graces the poses of ballroom dancers.

Ballroom competition dresses are designed specifically to allow for big movements and positions that may give the best advantage to dancers. Stores would usually have long full skirts with soft and flowing fabrics perfect to showcase gliding movements, while ballroom dresses that come with frills and ruffles at the hem enhances hip work and fast movement.

Another reason why beginners should invest in a good ballroom costume is the nature of dance sport. Performing social dances in front of the judge’s call for a stunning and eye-catching costume that would create recall and distinction from other dancers.

Those who are hesitating to buy ballroom dresses can simply opt to buy cheaper costumes that can effectively create a professional ensemble. Another remedy is to rent a costume from local stores. Some may also feel more comfortable in buying plain or undecorated dresses from tailor (which comes with more affordable price tags) and embellish the pieces with accessories of their preference.

When they find their budgets more flexible, though, the best option is to have the ballroom competition dresses custom made by an expert dressmaker. This way, dancers can be sure to have a costume that fits their figure perfectly and pick styles or colors that can well compliment their complexion and size.

Another advantage lays on the professional advice the seamstress can give on which design can suit you best. Tailors may also lay out options depending on your budget and taste on colors, fabrics, cut and silhouette.

When you find yourself caught in situations where you are lost amidst the endless options for ballroom competition dresses, the safest choice would be a full dance-wear skirt in bright colors. Avoid black, as this would distract the eyes of the judges away from your body lines.

Latin dances call for shorter dresses or skirts with flowing and flappy hem with high leg slit. The arms should be bare so as the judges can see the movements more.

Dress up the costumes by wearing heeled sandals with price tags that starts at $40. Secure the hair with a bun to keep the strands away from distracting you while performing. Be sure to wear more makeup enhance and exaggerate your facial expressions to make the dance look more intense and create better impression with the judges.