Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Over the years, cocktail dresses have been popular among women as these can be worn to any occasion or gathering. In fact, adventurous fashionistas have constantly experimented in wearing cocktail gowns to events that may have been traditionally suitable for long gowns. And indeed, even Hollywood stars have proven that cocktail dresses can also be the best outfit choice to formal events (even to the Grammy’s or Oscar’s). It is then not surprising that cocktail dresses are never scratched out from every trendy woman’s list of must-haves – especially since many fashion boutiques and brands have been dedicating effort to cater to plus sized women. The demand for plus size cocktail dresses are then fueled.

One might be surprised to find that voluptuous, curvy women equally enjoy endless choices for cocktail dresses with tall, slender fashion-savvies. With the recognition of the designer to the diversity of body types, there can be several cocktail dresses available for each shape of the body.

Before heading out to the nearest store to purchase a cocktail dress, nonetheless, it is a must for the plus sized women to get accurate measurements of their bustline, waist, and hips. This helps not only in selecting dresses that fit. Having a reference when it comes to the body’s dimension would also guarantee them a flattering cocktail dress as they can easily recognize the category of their body shapes.

Those with wider hips, thicker thighs, relatively small bust and narrow waist are known to have a pear shape body. In order to create an illusion of a perfect proportion, women with curvy hips should choose dresses that drapes down the body from the waist. Avoid getting stretchy fabrics as these would be snug on the wrong places. Jersey and silk can be the best bet for the pear-shapes. Emphasizing the womanly shoulder and tiny waist should give a flattering silhouette. To achieve this, choose an empire-cut off shoulder or tube cocktail dress.

Inverted pyramid body types or those with plump upper bodies, on the other hand, should stick with cocktail dresses that come with big belts or sash that goes around the waist. Picking dresses that come with wrap may as well be great choices as these can hide the arms and give an added confidence to the wearer. Emphasize shapely legs with shorter dresses with hem that fall just above or just below the knee.

One thing that women need to remember, however, is that the plus size section of cocktail dress stores and boutiques do not cater only to the curvy and shapely. Plus sizes may as well cater to taller women who may find it difficult to find the right proportion of dress for their long legs or torso.

As a general rule, taller women with short torso should emphasize their long legs, not hide it. Think about how Cameron Diaz graces the red carpet with her short dresses that well compliment her mile-long legs. Then again, long-legged wearers should be wary of the length of the plus size cocktail dresses and make sure these wouldn’t make them look immodest and skanky.

Overall, choosing plus size cocktail dresses should follow this general rule: emphasize assets, create contrast, and walk with confidence.