Backless Cocktail Dresses

Women who have the confidence to show off their skin will love the backless cocktail dresses. These dresses show bare skin for the entire back and it is a very sexy look. A backless dress is unique because the front is covered which gives a conservative look yet the bare back is a sexy, attractive look. This combination with the front and back style of the dress make it a great dress for many occasions.

There are many options when choosing these backless dresses. Some of these dresses may offer half of the back to be shown which is great for conservative settings. Other styles may be a back that is open very low showing a great deal of skin. This is great for women who have confidence and is a popular choice for casual parties such as nightclubs or lounges. There are many types of backless dresses that each shows a different amount of skin so you can always wear this stylish dress knowing that you have options.

Depending on the occasion, there are many ways to style the backless dress. The best way is in the use of accessories which can dress up an outfit or dress it down. If you want to wear a backless dress to a formal event such as an evening party or a cocktail party, you should opt to wear subtle jewelry such as necklaces and earrings with small diamonds and avoid bigger pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, bigger jewelry pieces are great for casual outfits which can make a bold statement. For going to a club for example, a very open back worn with pumps and big pieces of jewelry will be a very head-turning outfit.

This example is a good model for a casual backless cocktail dress. The dress has a very loose fit and the back is not extremely low. This is great for dinner parties and casual fall get togethers. A dress like this in a lighter color would also be a great summer cocktail dress. The best accessories with this dress would be larger pieces that hang and match the fit on the dress itself.

This is a very unique dress model in the way that it is revealing of skin yet still manages to be a very elegant look. The dress is has a very low back revealing a lot of skin adding to the appealing factor but the model has worn the dress with stockings and simple heels which make it very sophisticated. This is a great dress for dinner parties and events. Although the model is shown wearing no accessories, a simple necklace and stud earrings would look exceptionally well with this outfit.

A backless cocktail dress requires confidence and when worn properly gives off a very sexy appeal. This dress is a popular dress and is not a style that is here for a seasonal trend, but it is timeless and will stay. You can wear the backless dress in a classic matter or wear it with bold patterns and accessories to give it a trendy look. There are many ways to wear this type of dress and you can be sure to have a lot of fun mixing and matching different looks to find the perfect outfit.