Beaded Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses may probably the most androgynous of all the fashion pieces known to women. Most cuts of these dresses can match any accessories and flatter any body type. They may also be perfect for any occasion – from a semi-formal gathering to a casual event or usual day at work. The best thing about wearing cocktail dresses is the ability of these pieces to bring out the feminine side of any woman and make them feel beautiful and stunning almost instantly.

These, of course, depend on how they dress up with a cocktail dress according to their personal style and body silhouette. Picking the right style and design of the gowns also becomes one of the biggest factors.
Pages of beauty and fashion magazines may have shown a lot of cocktail gowns that are in-style with today’s fashion climate. However, the attention of many women is caught most by photographs of models wearing stunning beaded cocktail dresses.

While it is tempting to head to the nearest store and buy yourself one of these amazing pieces from talented designers, it is important to know where to wear the beaded cocktail dresses.

Note that dresses with sparkly embellishments like glass beads may look too overdone when worn in a casual event. Usually, beaded cocktail dresses are perfect for special occasions or formal gatherings and dinner parties. The overall look of the dress, however, depends on how the beads are laid out in the dress.

In some cases, wooden beads and other modest embellishments can make the pieces appropriate for day-to-day fashion statements or a laid back day with your closest friends. One can never look too dressy when the beaded designs are right. Remember, too, that it is actually not the beads that create the feel of the dress but fit and the accessories that are worn with it.

Loose fitting beaded cocktail dresses paired with flats and bigger jewelleries can have a perfect combination. This ensemble creates a fun and relaxed feel, thus making it appropriate for casual get-togethers.

On the other hand, snug fitting beaded cocktail dresses can look sexy and perfect for nightclubs and parties. These pieces are also worn in dinners and other occasions. One shoulder cut usually makes up the most preferred look of women who aim to look sexy and stylish at the same time. Dresses as such can be worn with killer heels or pumps to make the body’s curves and shapes look more appealing.

Remember to keep the accessories simple. You can be adventurous in wearing big pendants or stones on rings and watches as long as these jewelleries are not worn altogether at the same time.

Note that beaded cocktail dresses are probably the easiest pieces to style and accessorize because women need not have a lot of jewelries to make the ensemble look stunning. However, going overboard with the styling is the risk one has to face in wearing these dresses. It is best to consult with a personal stylish or full-sized mirror first before leaving the house and strutting your style.