Lace Cocktail Dresses

Laces have been a staple part of the fashion industry. Whether the pieces are intended for sexy alluring lingerie or for a more dramatic styling of cocktail dresses, most women simply can’t resist getting laces for their femme closets. And true enough, lace cocktail dresses provide the dramatic feel to an ensemble of a women who can grace their way to any occasion or dates, leaving men stunned and struck faster than they can say “wow.”

There are several reasons on why women should pick lace cocktail dresses. One, they are far more inexpensive than long dresses. They are also more comfortable to wear, plus they give a lot of versatility as they can be perfect whether for a laid back date in fine dining or in a formal gathering. Lastly, women can have fun in the easy mix and matching of shoes, bags and accessories when they opt to go for laced cocktail dresses.

Remember that modern dresses from the hip and young fashion boutiques today are usually structured with different fabrics to create unique textures. Finding laced dresses among these shops can be difficult. The good news is, you can walk into a vintage store and find all sorts of pieces that defy time and in-season style.

The best thing about laced cocktail dresses is that they have ethereal, classy and timeless designs that claimed a big spot in women’s fashion of different eras. In fact, lace cocktail dress instantly became infamous because of the hit movie, “Pretty Woman” where an equally timelessly beautiful actress, Julia Roberts, wore a black lace cocktail that made her look to elegant and luxurious.

And true to the words of fashion experts, the laced little black dress is versatile despite the ever-changing trends as most women still go gaga over this piece.

Flexibility also becomes a plus with these dresses as they can be easily matched with any shoes. Flats, boots, stilettos and wedge heels can be among the choices for footwear. The choice may only depend on which occasion – heels for a more formal ensemble and flats for casual gatherings.

Makeup and hairstyle should not be a problem. Cocktail can be worn with curls, ponytails or lose straight hair, depending on your mood.

If you’re feeling giddy yet, experts suggest that suggest that you should first slow down before heading to the nearest store and grabbing yourself a laced cocktail dress. Stop on your tracks and see which options can be best for your body type. Even these dresses can be versatile, it is still a must to invest in a piece that can make you look your best.

A nude-colored lace dress are known to be perfect for clubbing and night life parties. Shorter versions (with hems falling around mid-thigh) can be paired with patent leather pumps for a sexy and bold fashion statement. Opting for a sleeved black dress paired worn with leather boots is also among the top choices of women. Avoid looking a bit too immodest by accessorizing with thick bracelets or big watches.

For professional ventures, lace cocktail dresses structured with a square neck and thin straps can look elegant but not too formal. These should be worn with simple accessories such as feminine silver watches and solid colored shoes. This can give a look that can be sophisticated yet sexy, discreet yet head-turning.