One Shoulder Prom Dresses

There is a reason why the goddess of beauty is always portrayed wearing a one-shouldered gown. For one, this cut highly exudes a romantic, feminine look. It also emphasizes the neck and portions of the back and shoulder which most men would find sexy without necessarily being sleazy. The biggest reason for this image of the goddess’ gown, nonetheless, would probably the ways in which a one-shouldered gown reflects her classic, ethereal beauty that can capture hearts of different generations. The good news is that the goddess of beauty needs not to be the only one who can enjoy the classic beauty of the dress. Even teenagers can have a memorable night as they grace the dance floor with a darling one shoulder prom dress.

Teenagers can be torn between two choices for this type of dress. Modern one-shouldered dresses are made with cotton, taffeta and other fabrics that can be snug on the body. These dresses can well emphasize beautiful curves and make the body look slimmer and leaner. This being said, it is just reasonable for the stylist to recommend these snug one-shouldered dresses to thinner teenagers with curves to boot.

Another choice for the teenagers is in the guise of old Greece-styled dresses, which are made from jersey and other fabrics that can drape flatteringly on the body. This may be a good choice for those with leaner body, but these can also cater to the voluptuous teenagers. Wearing dresses as such can hide wide hips (with the help of a belt that emphasizes a thin waist) and bigger thighs.

Remember that it is always important for anyone to try on the dress first to see which style can be flattering to the body. One-shouldered dresses are structured with complicated collar lines, and most pieces may not be concealing enough for those with larger busts or flattering to apple or pear-shaped body shapes.

Those who are lucky enough to have the suitable body shape for these dresses, on the other hand, should still know the right ways of accessorizing the dress. One secret is to keep the jewelleries simple. Avoid wearing necklaces as these would make the neckline look too busy. Necklaces may also cut the length of the neck, and make the dress look unflattering. Dangling or stud earrings, big trendy rings, and bangles can be your best bet. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can wear them altogether at once. Do not overcrowd the ensemble with accessories. Dress up with a blingy bracelet; dress down with silver or pearl earrings.

Remember to style the hair in ways in which it can emphasize the shoulder. Messy buns and one-sided ponytail are the popular choices for one shoulder prom dresses, but you may still wear your hair down. Just have the strands lay behind the bare shoulder and have few strands hovering over the dress’ strap on the other shoulder.