Right Ways to Wear Lace Wedding Dresses

Gone are the days when wedding gowns studded with different gem stones and crystals reigned the aisle. With the comeback of vintage pieces making noise in the fashion industry today, lace wedding dresses are in high demand among trendsetter brides. The only difference is that this time, lace wedding dresses are structured with the most modern cuts and patterns while maintaining an up-to-date design.

Several years before, wedding gowns laden with laces are often designed to have long sleeves and bulky skirts. The good news is, brides need not have the old-school cuts of laced wedding dresses that well suit big hair and thick make-up (a big no no in weddings today). Brides are still up for vintage themed even if they choose sleek and simple gowns for their “I do’s.” Fortunately, many designers have found a way to incorporate and mix laces with different kinds of fabrics.

The bottom line is that wedding gowns can look vintage but not necessarily old. Many stores who specialize in making laced wedding gowns for the brides. The key is to look for the combination of laces and fabrics to achieve the perfect texture and structure. Remember that mixing and matching these altogether can be tricky as there are soft laces that can bring in romantic lines and dramatic effects on the gown. Stiffer types of laces, on the other hand, create an illusion of a well-structured bodice.

Another factor that brides need to be wary of is the color combination of the laces and the fabrics. Vintage-looking laced dresses can be achieved by combining off-white laces with fabrics that come in more radiant hues. Along with this, brides need to look closely on the lace patterns. Those with larger embroidery are for tall, lean silhouettes while smaller patterns can be flattering for plus sized gowns.

Aside from the tricky selection of laces and fabrics that can be used for laced wedding gowns, there should be no difficulty in bringing these fashion pieces to weddings. The selection of shoes, accessories and hair style takes no special rule in wearing laced dresses, as these would depend on the cuts of the gowns. It is best, however, to tone down the styling in order to avoid outshining the dress.

Nonetheless, stylists highly recommend gem stones, pearls and other attention-grabbing (not voraciously) pieces of jewelry that will serve as a focal point of the overall ensemble. Big gems would greatly match the seemingly-ethereal beauty of the vintage-like styling of the laced wedding gowns. Solid colored shoes in hues of white and pale brown are highly recommended, but the type of heels should depend on the gown’s cut and structure.

Hairstyling should be simple and clean, while being flattering to the neck and shape of the face. This being said, a simple ponytail or curled tips of the hair always earn multiple thumbs up from guests, stylists, and fashionistas alike. To complement the hairstyle, brides should choose one facial feature that is yet to be emphasized by the make-up artist. This may be their dashing doe eyes or full red lips that can well compliment the classic beauty of lace wedding dresses.